Chinese Debate Club Admissions Exhibition

How would you showcase your club’s debating talents? Through an exhibition naturally! But, during a pandemic? Well, why not? Just be sure to follow the SOPs, and, like how most events are done nowadays, just broadcast it online! And that’s exactly what the Chinese Debate Club has done. On 22nd November 2020, the Chinese Debate Club of Brickfields Asia College (BAC) held their Admissions Exhibition via Microsoft Teams. The event was a show match organised by members of the club.


The show match was held to promote the Chinese Debate Club to new and existing students, in the hopes of recruiting them as participating members. Through an exhibition showcasing a debate in action like this, the club hoped to make Mandarin debates more known.


A screen capture of the event in progress, showing the timer counting down during the exhibition debate.


The Admissions Exhibition, attended by 31 individuals, was open to students from BAC and IACT. 8 club members participated in the exhibition, namely, Toh Kang Rou, Fung Kai Qing, Eric Tong, Chua Qian Ren, Irwin Law, Choo En, Lee Ji Kean and Ngu Zi Qian. The exhibition was broadcasted and promoted through Whatsapp, utilising hashtags such as #BAC Chinese Debate Club and #2020 show match.


While some attendees welcomed this move, seeing it as a chance to learn more about the club and what they do, inclement weather and technical issues may have complicated the process. Among the feedback received was internet connectivity being interrupted by heavy rain, and the difficulty to navigate Microsoft Teams.


Apart from these minor technical issues, the exhibition itself was a success, with Club Vice President, Constance Chang sharing her hopes of being able to organise more events such as this in the future, through a much user-friendly platform.