Scholar’s Insights: Law School 101

On the 27th of March, 2021, the BAC Law Society held a virtual Zoom forum titled ‘Scholar’s Insights: Law School 101.” The purpose of this virtual forum was to provide prospective students with an insight into the journey of law graduates and to share examination tips. The panel consisted of Robin Ho and Anusha Arumugam. They’re both first class graduates from the University of London and the University of Liverpool respectively.

They started off by briefly introducing themselves – Robin pursued law as it was in line with his interests in journalism and reading. He later joined moot competitions to boost his public speaking skills and enhance his command of spoken English.

In contrast, Anusha mentioned how, at times, her law school journey was a struggle. Particularly because she was not too interested in the subjects. However, she said, “one has to do things they do not fancy and it is important to strive through it.” As she was a UK Transfer student, Anusha went on to describe her UK student experience. Lecturers took a more ‘laissez-faire’ approach, forcing students to be more disciplined and focused.

Robin later spoke about his studying methods in preparation for exams. He started off with the UOL module guides and gradually progressed on to textbooks and judgements. Robin also practiced his writing speed by completing past year questions. However, he suggested students begin practising with typing due to the switch to online examinations.

Both Anusha and Robin successfully received scholarships to fund their studies. Anusha received her’s from the Tunku Abdul Rahman fund. She listed out important criteria – potential, credibility, evidence of hard work and how applicants could contribute to industry and society. Robin received his from Yayasan Khazanah. The 5-stage interview was the most daunting interview he has ever attended. However, he encouraged students to apply as it is a great opportunity.

On their opinions regarding last-minute studying, Anusha noted that it would depend on whether the student can manage it. Last-minute studying worked for her due to her inability to retain information for an extended period. She did caution students against it though, as it could result in increased stress and anxiety.

The last question was on methods students could utilise to answer essays effectively. Robin stated that students shouldn’t regurgitate information and ought to structure their essays appropriately. A good structure could lead to one’s essay standing out exponentially.

All in all, the event was a major success. Both panellists provided incredible insights into their law school journeys, along with helpful studying tips. They showed us that, although law school can be strenuous – hard work, determination and grit could propel students in the direction of success.