#WorkDifferent: Mastering Personal Finance With Mani Raja Chandran20210722022445

#WorkDifferent: Mastering Personal Finance With Mani Raja Chandran

nithiyahJuly 22, 20210 comments0
I’m sure most of us are familiar with BAC Education’s Learn Different initiative, encompassing four pillars (Learn, Play, Work, Impact) to ensure the ultimate holistic next gen education. Chairman of BAC Education, Raja Singham, realised that these four pillars need not be...
Lending a Helping Paw- Leo Club Paw Love Fundraiser20210721120636

Lending a Helping Paw- Leo Club Paw Love Fundraiser

tushaaraJuly 21, 20210 comments0
Thanks to the pandemic, It’s been tough all around, for both humans and animals alike. But while humans have been teaming up to support each other as much as possible, it can’t be denied that animals are rather limited in their means when it comes to organising assistance ...
Ready, Take One, Action!20210721093712

Ready, Take One, Action!

tushaaraJuly 21, 20210 comments0
Petaling Jaya, 4th July 2021- It wasn’t that long ago that many people would go to the movie theatre to watch the latest film releases. Sometimes, short films in small movie theaters would be an option too. Plenty of movie theaters are currently not operating due to the ...