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IACT Students Win Student Design Competition by University of Northampton20210603091339
IACT Alumnus Wins 3 Awards For His Ground-Breaking Documentary Film20210527081033
“Captivate” – An Exposure Photo Exhibition20210512062232
EmpLAWYERbility – The Right To Be Heard Webinar Series20210511052947
Reliance College Wins the BrandLaureate Best Brand in Education – Hospitality!20210504065959
The Entrepreneur Masterclass20210427082014
Scholar’s Insights: Law School 10120210427074955
BAC Amnesty’s Collaboration: The Indigenous Youth Conference20210419073705
BAC Puts Education Equity To The Fore20210416083431
Fundtastic Day by IACT’s The New NRML – Fundraising for Feed the Poor programme20210401071352
Let’s Talk: Voter’s Education & Youth Politics20210324090338
BAC Law Students Win Virtual Moot Competition at UK Supreme Court20210319085302
Hofstede Mou 2.020210316102253
Dispute Resolution Today: Future Proceedings in Malaysia – BAC Law Society20210313092628
Getting There with ALSA: Legal Aid in Malaysia; Episode 420210218102041
Growing Up an Artist – IACT’s Pan Sin Yi on her learning journey.20210217102938
Valentine’s Week- Secret Valentine 3.020210209121250
Your Mental Wellness Guide – Lockdown Edition20210120091439
In Conversation with BAC’s Student Counselor20210118083440
Raub Flood Relief Drive20210106100015
Getting There With ALSA: Criminal Law in Malaysia20201231091545
ALSA After Hours: Tipping The Scale20201231084000
Throwback 202020201231000922
The Balancing Game by CILD20201228072850
Chinese Debate Club Admissions Exhibition20201222021552
Disney Debate! – IACT PARTS20201217090319
Disney Bounding Challenge by IACT PARTS20201217052703
#PARTSOWEEN Costume Challenge – IACT PARTS20201216094727
PIXEL 8.0 – EDISI RUMAH!20201210152439
‘Social Justice’ Forum by Christian Fellowship20201203092807
Brickfields Asia College welcomes the ASEAN Business Awards 2020 (ABA 2020) – Combating COVID-1920201116044304
BAC Sets New Record-Breaking 92 LLB Firsts In 2020!20201021080630
BAC Law Society Campus Quiz: How Well Do You Know Malaysia?20201020042054
BAC Leo Club’s Big Win At The Leo Awards Ceremony20201015022007
‘Jars of Hope’ by BAC Leo Club20201005044744
BAC Leo Club Gives the Gift of Nature20201005031930
BAC Leo Club Dodgeball Fellowship, ‘Eye On The Ball’20201005023532
BAC Leo Club: A Helping Hand for Tender Hearts20201002022812
Krishen Goes for the Gold20200924040507
VUC Wins The BrandLaureate Award For Best Brand In Online Education!20200908031402
Digital Transformation Webinar by Veritas University College20200828030338
PIXEL 7.0 by IACT20200822105419
Kinograph 2020: Short Film Screening20200821080556
Palettes of Unity 2020: Online Photography Exhibition20200821065509
BAC Leo Club: Zoom-In Project20200813090213
Data Science in the Age of COVID-1920200717065002
BAC Leo Club: Tender Hearts Visit20200714042950
University of East Anglia Law School Information Session20200713070322
RWC Community Series: MACC Act 2009, Section 17A & ISO 37001 ABMS20200616035422
Skills Academy Webinar: “Finding Balance In Uncertainty”20200610071717
How To Make Yourself A Valuable Brand20200604075318
Stress Management & Mental Health20200529061458
Asia Law Academy Masterclass Home Edition: Civil Practice by SM Shanmugam20200529050541
Online Life & Career Skills Series 3: The Rules of Social & Dining Etiquette20200522013223
Personal Branding: Being The Best You20200521093907
BAC Moot Society Webinar: ADR in Practice20200519054850
IACT College Holds The First E-Convocation In ASEAN20200517143315
BAC Performing Arts Club Holds BAC’s First Virtual Charity Concert, MCONCERT20200517065528
Online Life & Career Skills Series 2: Projecting Your Best Self at Interviews20200517061139
BAC Chess Club: Online Rapid Chess Match20200513073916
Webinar Series by BAC Singapore: Lawyer in the House (Part 2)20200508130503
Webinar Series by BAC Singapore: Lawyer in the House (Part 1)20200430093109
BAC Law Society: Death Penalty Talk – ‘Regress or Progress’20200427095109
Heart Intelligence20200423083221
Corporate Profiling Talk20200423044654
RWC Webinar Impact Series: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic On Employment Matters In Malaysia20200421133708
How To Have a Great Day, Everyday20200417105228
April Intake 2020 Online Orientation: 5 Tips for Academic Success20200417045006
April Intake 2020 Online Orientation: Social Impact – Engage for Good20200417035043
Leveraging PR & Communications For IACT Millennia20200313093713
Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Come Alive At IACT College20200312162209
IACT Study Of Religions Field Trip20200312043607
BAC Debate Open 202020200311072240
BAC Wins BrandLaureate SMEs Most Valued Best Brands of the Decade Awards 2020 – Best Brand in Education20200309090456
Career Advisor Future Ready Series – “Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights For An Equal Future”20200309082121
Lion Dance Performed @ BAC To Celebrate Chinese New Year 202020200306101144
IACT College Students Serving Our Community With Kindness20200306090001
PEP Talk 202020200306043657
LUMIX Photo Walk: IACT Students Explore Rarity in Photography and Videography20200305092104
BAC Leo Club: Leap Year Fellowship Night 202020200305075520
LECture Series – The Change Maker20200305044406
ALSA BAC’s Constitutional Workshop20200305024542
Reliance College Student Council Organise CNY Celebration To Usher In The Year Of The Rat!20200303095633
Sugar Rush Carnival 202020200303061247
KPUM Novice Moot Competition 202020200228052307
BAC Leo Club Blood Donation Drive 2020: Heroes Come In All Types20200226050318
Career Talk By Marriott International @ Reliance College20200226030356
Get Your Game On: BAC’s Board Game Bash20200223105120
A Talk On “Overcoming Life” By The Christian Fellowship Club20200218095529
BACLYMPICS: A Great Start To An Amazing 2020!20200213040811
AMEN Entrepreneurship Masterclass – Series 420200204090608
Legal Talk 202020200204071707
Intellectual Property Workshop – KPUM x NATL20200204065504
Law & Business 4.0: Everything You Need To Know About Studying Law & Business20200203042056

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