University of East Anglia Law School Information Session

On 27th May, 2020, Professor Claudina Richards (Deputy Head, University of East Anglia (UEA) School of Law) conducted an insightful Zoom briefing session on the UEA LLB Twinning programme for BAC students. For those of you who missed it, here’s the gist of what went down!

Prof. Richards highlighted key areas of interest, namely, the course curriculum emphasizing the similarities between the first year subjects offered at UEA and BAC. The university follows a two-semester system (i.e. autumn and spring semesters), with three modules to be completed per semester each year. Students pursuing the UKT 1+2/ 2+1 programme in BAC will have the following options:

UKT UEA 1+2:

  • For students commencing their Second Year at UEA (upon completion of the First Year in BAC):
    • Four out of six modules are compulsory for second year students, three of which are completed in the Autumn semester;
    • Two more modules are to be chosen from a range of optional modules, these will be covered in the Spring Semester.
  • For their Third Year in UEA:
  • Students will need to choose six modules to study from a wide range of topics.

UKT UEA 2+1:

  • For students commencing their Third Year at UEA (upon completion of the First and Second Year in BAC):
    • The Autumn semester will consist of three optional modules;
    • Compulsory modules from the second year programme, namely EU Law and Land Law will be covered in the Spring semester instead.
A list of the optional modules available under the University of East Anglia, LLB Programme. Source: University of East Anglia.

The wide range of modules available at UEA, not only enables students to pursue their topics of interest, but more importantly to carve their niche through legal specialisation. For example, those interested to go in-house, may opt for subjects such as Company Law and International Trade Law.

Other perks of studying law at UEA include a rewarding student experience and world-class facilities available at the campus. Located near Norwich City Centre, UEA’s Law School- Earlham Hall is home to a “vibrant community of expert academics and ambitious students with strong links to the wider community”. Generally, students are paired with an academic advisor (normally, a member of the faculty) to guide them in their academic endeavours. Student welfare is also a top priority at UEA with Faculty Well-Being advisers on hand to help students adjust to campus life.

Earlham Hall, UEA’s renowned Law School Building. Source: University of East Anglia.

Students can be sure to experience a vibrant social life on campus with various law society-led activities, such as the Christmas Ball (no, not exactly like the one in Cinderella, but close enough!)

UEA is also known for its innovative and research-led teaching – “Research is an important part of what we do at the law school with the university’s law school ranked 21st overall in the last Research Excellence Framework in 2014”. The university places great emphasis on employability skills of graduates with internship opportunities, alumni-mentoring programmes, mooting competition, and volunteer programmes with UEA’s Law Clinic.