Skills Academy Webinar: “Finding Balance In Uncertainty”

Shah Alam, Selangor – Viewers from around the world, as far as Australia and India, tuned in for a two-day webinar held on the 4th and 5th June, 2020 on the power of reflection and simplicity in the digital age. The online session, aptly titled, “Finding Balance in Uncertainty”, featuring guest speaker, Mr Kumar Nagalingam, CEO of Skills Academy, highlighted the importance of heart intelligence and reflective thinking to achieve a balanced life.

“According to Prof. Lynda Gratton, by 2025, more than 5 billion people around the world will be connected with each other through handheld devices and this necessarily entails the emergence of global consciousness”, he said.

“How we respond to a situation, involves that which is innate versus learnt/acquired qualities as we go through a period of reformation or transformation. Most of us experience and “Outside-In Transformation” with only 1% of humans experiencing an “Inside-Out Transformation”, he added.

Tapping into our core wisdom leads to a happier and balanced life, according to Mr. Kumar.

Speaking on realizing compassion, fear and joy (the ‘CJP’)  in our lives, Mr. Kumar stressed that everyone has a superhero within them that they can rely on in situations of conflict i.e. MATCH (Medula – The Regulator; Amygdala – The Emotion; Thalamus – The Synchroniser; Cortex – The Thinker; and Heart – The Seat of Wisdom).

“Being in tune with the 5 components of Heart Intelligence, in particular, the Power of Simplicity, will allow humans to lead a more well-balanced life”, he stressed.

To understand the power of simplicity, we need to internalise its learning curve, said Mr. Kumar.

The engaging session also had viewers participate in thought-provoking self-assessment exercises and connect with the speaker on various issues involving real-life scenarios with a focus on making an impact in the world through small acts of charity and kindness.