BAC’s Law Students Are Top In The World In 2019!

Meet Robin Ho Ming Teck, a 22 year old law graduate from Sabah, and Chan Jiing Luu, a 19 year old law student from Kajang.

In August, the University of London (UOL) announced that Robin was awarded a first class law degree while Jiing Luu received the King’s College Scholarship for his performance in the Year 1 law exams.

How well did they do? Better than everyone else in the world! (Drum roll, please!)

Out of the thousands of law students worldwide who sat for the UOL exams, both Robin and Jiing Luu earned the top score in the world for their respective years.

We had the pleasure of catching up with them earlier this week.

Acing the prestigious University of London law degree with a First Class

Quizzed on his initial reaction upon receiving news of his outstanding results, Robin Ho exclaimed, “I was in total disbelief and couldn’t contain my excitement. My parents were extremely happy as well!”

Robin decided to pursue law on his own accord. Three years ago, he recalls how much he enjoyed reflecting and forming opinions on pressing legal issues while pursuing his A-Levels.

And it’s not really a big surprise. Moments after meeting Robin, you’ll quickly see that he is serious about law.

In fact, Robin’s interest in developing his advocacy skills led him to represent Brickfields Asia College (BAC) in the prestigious Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition and participate in various KPUM (United Kingdom & Eire Malaysian Law Students Union), Mooting Society and Law Society events. This gregarious young man eventually became President of the Mooting Society.

The bubbly graduate who cites becoming an advocate as his life goal regards his journey reading law thus far as a fulfilling one. “Many people, including my family, friends and lecturers have contributed to my success”, he added.

All set to walk the famed hallways of King’s College

A visibly excited Jiing Luu admitted that securing the prestigious King’s College Scholarship by gaining the highest score in the UOL Year 1 exams was clearly a pleasant surprise. “In my mind, I didn’t do very well in the Criminal Law and Legal Systems papers especially when I did not complete a portion of the latter”.

Jiing Luu was candid about how law was not his first option as he had to give up his dream of becoming a veterinarian due to his allergies; however “my mother encouraged me to take an aptitude test in which I scored 8 out 10 marks for law. That is how I ended up pursuing law at BAC”.

A grounded lad by nature, Jiing Luu initially struggled to cope with his studies due to language constraints. He credits his success to his teachers who encouraged him to submit extra essays to monitor his progress and his friends, who helped by asking him to mentor them thus “helping me understand the material better”.

So, what’s Jiing Luu’s advice to other candidates preparing for the UOL law exams?

“You must not only work hard but work strategically. Be proactive and do your own readings and prepare well before classes,” he urges. “You must read the whole judgment” instead of relying on a summarised version for a better understanding of the application of pertinent legal principles.

We wish these bright young Malaysians the best of luck and success in their future endeavours!