How To Have a Great Day, Everyday

Dr Brendan J Gomez, hosted a lively interactive session on “How to Have a Great Day, Everyday” attended by over 200 participants, mainly students and staff of the BAC Education Group.

Dr Brendan J Gomez conducting the lively interactive session – “How To Have A Great Day, Everyday”.

To kick-off the online session, Dr. Brendan, an Applied Developmental and Counseling Psychologist, invited attendees to write two things about their gifts/talents, accomplishments, things one can do to make their own day/week great and others – an exercise, called “My Super Shield” (identifying one’s inner strengths or super power-like qualities to create a positive environment for yourself and others).


One participant, Sangeetha, spoke about her Super Shield being a good leader/role model and trying her best to make others smile. Another participant, Nadia, mentioned how reading helps in making her day great and her attempts to make others smile by making jokes, etc.

Dr Brendan highlighted the fact that it may not be possible to have a great day, every day especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Life is such that we may not be in control of things all the time….it is important to focus on what we can do about things we do have control over”, he said.

He stressed on the importance of self-care and recognising one’s own worth – “By doing so, you will also learn to value others around you and contribute to their well-being, too”.

During the Q&A session, Dr Brendan shared tips on how to extend help to others. According to him, it is important to “help those in need out of your own willingness and sincerity”. This does not require one to be emotionally connected to the person in need. He also highlighted the power of listening with an open heart of hardships experienced by others.

The session ended on a reflective mode as Dr Brendan invited attendees to listen and ponder on the lyrics of the song titled, “We All Bleed The Same” by Alex Boye:

Just be yourself,

Cuz everybody else is taken.

Don’t be afraid.

All you need to do is come as you are…

Everybody’s life is precious.

Oh, protect us all.

Don’t let us fall.

Cuz we all bleed the same.


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