Leveraging PR & Communications For IACT Millennia

Over 50 PR students of IACT College gathered in True North on 9th March, 2020 at a PR Workshop on Public Persuasion and Writing conducted by PR professional, Loke J-Han of Suppagood PR thanks to School of Creative Communication Lecturer, Kenneth Koh.

The workshop catered to students undertaking public relations subject. The external speaker shared valuable insights about public persuasion and writing with the attentive crowd of PR students. The topic of discussion centered around Public Opinion and Persuasion which included a lively session on the state of public relations and its future direction.

The event was well received by students who gained practical industry knowledge. Attendees were also given tips and an overview on how to write a cover letter for their internship which will be covered in detail in another session in the near future.

Loke J-Han explained that “addressing misinformation by providing the public with well-sourced, accurate information seems like a losing battle.” “Rather, our goal as effective communicators ought to foster cultural values that really help reinforce good critical thinking,” he added.