BAC Chess Club: Online Rapid Chess Match

As many students continue to observe the Conditional Movement Control Order and social distancing rules by staying at home during COVID-19, the BAC Chess Club decided to organise online chess matches as a fun way to increase cognitive skills and cure boredom.

Source: BAC Chess Club

On Thursday, 7th April 2020, 14 players mainly BAC students from the KL and PJ campuses participated in the online chess match. These players convened online via Lichess, an Internet chess server to show off their gameplay.

A chess match in progress. Source: BAC Chess Club

Overall, there was great camaraderie among players as they had the opportunity to brush up on their chess skills, including critical and strategic thinking skills.

Eager to know more about the winners of the day?

Check out the scoresheet below:

1st place – WKH (score: 2159)

2nd place – caroliansiciliver (score: 1866)

3rd place – vikneshhh (score: 1833)

Scoresheet, 7 April 2020. Source: BAC Chess Club

“Most of the players enjoyed themselves despite the stay-at-home period during the current CMCO”, said Viknesh, BAC Chess Club, Vice President.

“Many were looking forward to more online matches and this inspired us to continue this initiative in the coming weeks”, he added.

Feeling bored and looking for something fun to do? Head over to BAC Chess Club’s Instagram account – CHESSBAC and click the link in bio to join the online chess matches held every Thursday!