BAC Law Society Campus Quiz: How Well Do You Know Malaysia?

In conjunction with Malaysia Day 2020, the BAC Law Society took to interviewing Malaysians (during the initial round of CMCO) on and off-campus to see whether they knew the right answers to questions on our nation’s history, or if they needed to get schooled with a brief history lesson!

In particular, BAC students who were off-campus were interviewed remotely, to gain their insights as East Malaysians, particularly as Sabahans.

The six-minute video features BAC Law Society members, Nira Rangan, Aabi, and Eric Fam interviewing students and staff, aged between 20 to 32 years at various spots around the BAC PJ Campus.

Some of the main questions posed to the respondents were as follows:

  1. How many times did Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaim “Merdeka” in the iconic speech on 31st August, 1957?
  2. Can you name all the states in Malaysia?
  3. How many states were involved in the Formation of the Malaysian Federation?
  4. Do you know about the Malaysian Agreement?
Students here were seen answering Question 1: How many times did Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaim “Merdeka” in the iconic speech on 31st August, 1957?

The video begins with an encounter with two students on campus, one male Punjabi and one female Indian. In response to the first question, the young man answered “seven” while the young lady answered “three”. The video transitioned to a group of Chinese students with one Malay friend who exclaimed that it was proclaimed three to five times, with one student saying it was proclaimed seven times.

When revealed that the correct answer was seven times, expressions of happiness and satisfaction could be seen from the respondents who got the right answer while those who got it wrong were enlightened and happy to learn more.

Joshua in a traditional Kadazan-Dusun outfit sharing his views as an East Malaysian.

Towards the end of the video there was a segment featuring two students from Sabah, Joshua and Samuel. Joshua is a third year law student and could be seen in the video sporting a traditional Kadazan-Dusun outfit, showcasing the beauty of the Sabahan culture. Both Joshua and Samuel, a Year One law student from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah shared their views on the Malaysian Agreement and advocated a message of unity between East and Peninsular Malaysians.

Check out the full video below:


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Join us as we go around BAC campus PJ and ask students how much they really know!

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Kudos to the BAC Law Society for their time and creative effort in making our campus Malaysia Day celebrations fun and engaging for all!