BAC Leo Club: A Helping Hand for Tender Hearts

The Leo Club of Brickfields Asia College roared back again with another visit to Tender Hearts Cafe at Summit USJ, a social enterprise run by special needs youths on Sunday, 6th September 2020. This month’s visit was led by organising chairperson, Leo Gavrie Ang, with the support of Leo Kabil Varmen, Leo Darshana, and Leo Sufina. This volunteer visit is a part of a long-term collaboration with the social enterprise.

Founded by Mrs Sharon Lee, a mother to a special needs child and a former Leo Club member, the café emphasises the vision of inclusion and equality for those with special needs. By allowing special needs youth to work and interact with society just like anyone else, they gain not only employment but also a golden opportunity to be assimilated into society.

As part of the Leo Club’s ongoing support of the cafe, Leo members usually pitch in to provide assistance at the café. Given the Covid pandemic, social distancing and the prescribed SOPs such as wearing masks and protective gloves were strictly observed. This time around, Leos Gavrie Ang, Kabil Varmen, Darshana, and Sufina were tasked with providing assistance to host a birthday celebration at the cafe. Some of the Leos were tasked to make their signature “Apple Crumble” pastry dessert. The Leos also helped decorate and design the cafe by hanging balloons as well as setting up tables and chairs for the celebration.

Overall, it was a really joyful visit as the Leo members had a lot of fun assisting Tender Hearts with the birthday celebration. With the joy of helping comes the anticipation of returning to Tender Hearts for future visits, and the shared feeling of working together as one family!