BAC Leo Club Dodgeball Fellowship, ‘Eye On The Ball’

“Eyes on the ball, head on the game!”

The Leo Club of Brickfields Asia College not only works hard to give back to society, they sure know how to play hard, too! It was a Sunday evening filled with fun and laughter at the annual Dodgeball Fellowship organised by the Leos. Held at the PJ Futsal Club Centre on 13th September, 2020, Leo Club members gathered for a friendly game of dodgeball from 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

In case you didn’t know, Dodgeball is a team ball sport which has players from two opposing teams attempt to throw balls to hit opponents while avoiding being hit themselves. The objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with balls, catching a ball thrown by an opponent, or causing an opponent to commit a violation such as stepping out of bounds.

There were as many as 18 participants who attended the Dodgeball Fellowship, allocated into three teams the day before and categorised by colours – Red, Black, and Blue – headed by their respective captains. The teams took turns facing each other in battle while captains of the teams who were not playing in a particular round acted as referees for the teams that played. Many Leo Club members found it to be a great way to de-stress and re-connect with each other post-MCO. The event drew to a close with a group and team photo session.