BAC Leo Club Gives the Gift of Nature

As the saying goes, “the best trees grow on the steepest of hills”. That is certainly the hope of the Leo Club of Brickfields Asia College as they carried out their tree planting project at Bukit Gasing on Saturday, 12th September 2020.

Spearheaded by Organising Chairperson, Leo Kishant Krysa and Assistant Organising Chairperson, Leo Schumeichel, the tree planting project saw an attendance of approximately 24 participants and the planting of up to 20 trees from three different species, namely Merbau, Yellow Saraca, and Bornean Camphor.

The participants were briefed on several rules to adhere when planting trees, had their temperatures checked and wore face masks in compliance with government SOPs to ensure their safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. The participants then proceeded to the designated site located only a stone’s throw away, from the main entrance to plant the trees. Leo Kishant ensured participants worked in pairs to make the entire process easier.

Once all 20 trees were successfully planted, the group ended their day on a high note with a hiking trip at the Bukit Gasing Forest Park. It was a fun experience for the participants as this was their first time at the park. The fresh air and breathtaking view of lush greenery all around was a lovely sight to behold on a Saturday morning, especially after a day’s work of giving back to nature.