BAC Leo Club: Leap Year Fellowship Night 2020

As the leap year graces us with its presence only once in four years, the Leo Club of BAC came together for an evening of fun and merry-making by hosting a fellowship event at VSQ PJ on 29th February, 2020.

A day of fun and games at the Leo Club Fellowship Night 2020.

The Leo Club committee members organised a series of fun games such as charades, pic a pose, limbo and many more. Several LEOs were assigned to groups and made TikTok videos featuring dance challenges which were then uploaded to social media for a voting session, in order to select the winner.

Winners for each game were awarded with snacks and those who weren’t as lucky had to perform various exciting penalties such as painting or drawing on another person’s face!

Overall, the event was a fun way to bond with other Leo members in a cordial environment.

A Leo Club member doing the limbo rock!

Here’s what fellow LEOs had to say about the amazing event:

“Preparing for the event was tiring but it was a successful one. The team worked hard and we hope that everyone enjoyed it!”(Organising Chairperson, Leo How Yen).

“It was a very good opportunity to meet new members and bond with them during this fellowship. It was fun!” (Attendee, Leo Harsani)