BAC Leo Club: Zoom-In Project

The LEO Club of BAC collaborated with the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) to organise the “Zoom-In Project” on the 1st of July, 2020. What exactly is a Zoom-In Project, you might ask. Read further to find out!

The Zoom-In Project was conducted for the purpose of researching and gathering useful information for MAB’s educational programmes designed specifically for the visually impaired. As part of the Leo Club’s social distancing initiative, this project was carried out virtually.

At 10.00 am, the project leader, LEO Kishant Krysa gave a short briefing including the relevant instructions to the participants on their respective research topics. Two LEO members volunteered for the project, LEO Darshana Araventhan and LEO Aliyya Zahra. The participants were requested to collect information on topics such as:

  • Simple recipes;
  • Healthcare tips;
  • Safety tips; and
  • Guidelines on resume writing.

With good time management, all the relevant information required was collated within two hours and a written copy was submitted to LEO Kishant Krysa. He then who forwarded the same to MAB. On the whole, the project was a success with positive feedback from the participants and MAB.

Kudos to the LEO Club of BAC for working to uphold their ethos of community service even in the new normal!