BAC Sets New Record-Breaking 92 LLB Firsts In 2020!

Even the challenges of remote learning and sitting for the exams during the Covid-19 pandemic did not stop 92 of our students emerging with First Class Honours in the July 2020 LLB Exams. That’s not all – this is the highest number of 1st Class law graduates in the past three years!

Our students also secured 2 out of the 4 First Class LLB (Hons) University of London degrees awarded worldwide this year. In addition to this, our students in the UK Transfer (Law) Programme smashed it with 90 Firsts from 12 of our UK partner universities.

Mr. Reuben de Rozario, Director of Laws was thrilled by the remarkable achievements of his students. “Despite these unprecedented times, our students worked hard to adapt to new ways of learning. Our lecturers and administrative staff were also a great support system and worked tirelessly to ensure no student was left behind and their education was not interrupted”.

Here’s what some of our 1st Class LLB graduates had to say about studying online, sitting for their finals and even their support system during the pandemic.

“….The online exam was hard. One particular subject had been changed to an assignment and a set question.  Regardless, the University was helpful and provided the resources and materials for us to answer the question. Most surprising I had to say was BAC, they still checked on us and it was good to hear back from home, and they did a great job in making us feel safe mentally and physically and in times of emergency who we can reach out to.” – Alenna Aiman Bradshaw, 1st Class LLB (Hons), Oxford Brookes University

 Well, I would say it’s probably very, very different from the conventional practice, simply because we don’t have to go to the lecture theatres any more. But, it’s probably not what I wanted or even expected; I actually flew to the U.K. in September last year, so it gave me a very different perception on how academic modules could actually be taught and right now Zoom, online learning, etc are a big thing.” – Chong Shen Way, 1st Class LLB (Hons), University of Liverpool

Overall, our First Class graduates regard their BAC Experience as a crucial part of their success. “Everyone at BAC from the staff to the lecturers are very supportive and down to earth. I was very active in BAC’s Model United Nations Club which shaped my public speaking and advocacy skills. I am thankful for such a Club because it was one of the best experiences I had as a law student”, said Nithiyah Tamilwanan, 1st Class LLB (Hons), Queen’s University, Belfast.


Congratulations to our top performers on their success. We are so proud of your accomplishments! 

A special shoutout to our dedicated team of lecturers, staff, parents and partners who supported them in their journey and helped make this possible.