BACLYMPICS: A Great Start To An Amazing 2020!

Sports often brings out the best in both participants and spectators, and that’s exactly what happened at the inaugural BACLYMPICS organised by BAC Games.

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning on 18 January 2020 as more than 500 students and staff of BAC Education gathered at the Bukit Bintang Boys’ Secondary School Field in Petaling Jaya for an eventful day full of fun and excitement. Many folks enjoyed a brisk walk in the early morning as they made their way to the venue.

Enthusiasm filled the air as the crowd gathered at the registration area.

Soon, BACLYMPICS was declared open by Mr. Raja Singham by sounding the air horn. Students and staff were in high spirits as they took part in a fun aerobics session just before the games were kicked off.

First up were track & field events ranging from 100 metres to 4 x 400 metres as well as basketball, captain ball and dodgeball.

Staff and students battled it out in Tele-Viper with each team consisting of 6 students and 2 staff members. Pegasus clinched the first spot in this event while team Hydra came in second.

Missed out on all the fun and excitement?

Relive some memorable moments during the Tug of War here.

The overall champion of the day was team Pegasus while Hydra and Pharaoh secured the second and third places, respectively.

No doubt, the day turned out to be a remarkable success.

Here’s what some of our students and staff had to say about BAClympics. 

“BAClympics 2020 was amazing! And it’s all thanks to my brilliant team who helped me every step of the way. The planning was definitely stressful and at times the team hit a dead end, but we never gave up and prevailed. During our weekly meetings, bonds were created that could never be broken. It’s like I had a second family, meetings never felt like meetings with that bunch. BAClympics thought me how to work as a team and gave me valuable lessons. Definitely looking forward to the next BAC games event and I encourage students to join in too…”.(William Ang Li-Wei, Year 1- UKTL (Student Organiser/Game Marshal)

“The event was a really good platform for students to engage and communicate with students form different courses. I myself had an opportunity to make a few new friends during the event. My favourite moment was when my team and I when up to the podium and received our medal that we won as a team. I really hope that this will not be the last BACLYMPICS and I pray for more events like this in the future.” (Tanzoehann, Student/Participant)

“I felt it was a trip down memory lane. Being able to participate in events like I did in high school with the students made it worthwhile. It was indeed fun and I hope to see BACLYMPICS growing bigger and better in the coming years.” (Mr. Nathan, Lecturer)

“Nothing brings people together like sports. This event brought so many members of the BAC family together. The students formed friendships with their team members which will last them through their time in BAC, and thereafter. This event had something for everyone. The sportier students and staff members actively participated in the games and those who were less inclined towards sports came to cheer and have a go at the electric bull-ride, gladiator game and bungee run. What I consider the biggest success of the event are the students. This project was championed and run by the students. They took on every challenge handed to them and overcame every hurdle thrown onto their path and formed close and strong friendships with each other. I have seen them grow. As a teacher, I could not be more proud. ”  (Ms. Amreeta Kaur, Lecturer/Teacher-Advisor, BAC Games)

“BACLYMPICS, to me was a dream….This dream progressively became a reality with the undying support of my fellow teachers, Prabu and Amreeta who stood by me in executing this grand project and a wonderful team of students who voluntarily and willingly wanted to be part of organising this inaugural sporting event. This team exceeded my expectations in every way. Meetings with them was fun and exciting, yet so productive. They were an utmost pleasure to work with and BACLYMPICS would not have happened without these amazing bunch! The turnout was impressive! To meet my students on that day and see them excel and win in races and matches, to encourage and cheer one another was definitely a sight to behold! BACLYMPICS would be a  memory that I won’t  forget. It was definitely yet another reminder of how much I enjoy being a teacher!” (Ms. Kirthana Mogan, Lead Organiser, BAC Games)

And last but not least……

“The most important thing is we, as the BACGAMES committee pulled through every challenge that was thrown at us and had the opportunity to learn something new with every conquered challenge. From the countless meetings, to the constant whatsapp notifications that wouldn’t stop right until the event finished to sleeping in the library to do the last finishing touches; it was a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least but strangely it was an enjoyable ride…If I had to pick a favourite memory it would most definitely be the first meeting of BACLYMPICS when everyone brainstormed and came up with the foundation of the event…A season two, perhaps? Tengok budget dulu.” (Raja Afiq Syafi, Student Organiser/Game Marshal)

Congratulations to the champion of the day, Team Pegasus and a huge shout out once again to the organising committee of BAC Games for their dedication and efforts in making this event a great success!
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