Law school is not just about cramming statutes and cases. In fact, you gain practical knowledge of the legal system and its significance as an important pillar of the nation.

On Monday, 2 December 2019, BAC organised a visit to Parliament for law students under the University of London (External) Programme and UK Transfer Degree Law programmes to provide practical exposure to the workings of the legal machinery in Malaysia. Spearheaded by BAC lecturers and staff, the study trip received good participation among our students with a total of 67 students.

Team BAC from left to right: Mr. Jerard Gavin (Programme Coordinator, UKT), Ms. Ghandimathi (Programme Coordinator, UOL), Ms. Kirthana Morgan (Law Lecturer) and Mr. Nathan Tharmalingam (Relationship Executive).

A special mention goes out to our very own Team BAC – Ms. Kirthana Morgan (Law Lecturer), Mr. Nathan Tharmalingam (Relationship Excecutive), Ms. Ghandimathi (Programme Coordinator, UOL) and Mr. Jerard Gavin (Programme Coordinator, UKT) for their time and effort to make this study trip a success.

All in all, the study trip was an educational and fun experience for the group of budding legal eagles who look forward to more study trips in the future!