“Captivate” – An Exposure Photo Exhibition

From 7 to 14 May 2021, six students from BA (Hons) Advertising and Design are hosting a photography exhibition titled “Captivate”. The photography exhibition is conducted in conjunction with their photography module called the Exposure Club (MPU3421). The title “Captivate” was chosen because of the exhibitors’ desire to literally captivate the attention of viewers. The works of these six unique individuals showcase various unique themes and perspectives in photography. The young photographers showcasing their works are Loh Jaydon, Hoi Mun-Yan, Chan Li En, Elisa Lee Shu Yuan, Ryan Hoong Jia Jun, and Nisha Kohilen. 



First among the exhibitors are Loh Jaydon, leader and designer of the exhibition. His perspective is Obscureness, showcasing photographs of obscure yet well-lit places in KL.



“Reflection” by Loh Jaydon


“Okina Neko” by Loh Jaydon


Up next we have Hoi Mun-Yan, with her perspective on Colours of Life, showcasing colourful places.



“The Red Windows” by Hoi Mun-Yan


“Printed Curtains @ Kwai Chai Hong” by Hoi Mun-Yan


After that, we have Chan Li En, with her perspective on Calm & Heal. Her photographs showcase the calmness and healing moments of simple daily life. 


“Rest” by Chan Li En


“Play” by Chan Li En

Elisa Lee Shu Yuan then presents her perspective, “Shine Bright”. Her photographs showcase the distinction between light and darkness. 


“Awakening” by Elisa Lee


“Wonder” by Elisa Lee


Ryan Hoong Jia Jun is next with his perspective, “Golden Hour”. His photographs showcase scenes to behold during Golden Hour, a time in the evening when the sun’s golden shine is most prominent. 


“Changes” by Ryan Hoong


“Perspective” by Ryan Hoong


Last but not least, Nisha Kohilen presents her perspective, “Nightfall”. Her photographs showcase scenes to behold at sunset. 



“Nightfall was approaching, the light pouring away past the world’s horizon in a gradually darkening cascade.” – Nissha Kohilen


“Sunlight, the most precious gold to be found on Earth.” – Nissha Kohilen


The photography exhibition is currently ongoing until Friday, 14 May 2021! For more of their pictures, make sure to check them out at https://captivateiact.wixsite.com/captivate