Disney Bounding Challenge by IACT PARTS

Following the success of the previously held PARTS-O-WEEN Costume Challenge, IACT PARTS’s Disney month in November included yet another dress-up competition: the Disney Bounding Challenge. The challenge was announced on Instagram on 12 November 2020.

IACT PARTS – Disney Bounding Challenge (source: @iactparts_official on Instagram)


How to submit? (source: @iactparts_official on Instagram)


IACT PARTS Disney Bounding Challenge Rules (source: @iactparts_official on Instagram)


No NSFW outfits! (source: @iactparts_official on Instagram)



Participants were required to photograph themselves in outfits inspired by their favourite Disney characters. Entries would then be posted on Instagram under the hashtag #partsdisneychallenge or submitted via email. A total of seven students participated in this event, the winner being Jovine, who managed to win a RM10 Grab voucher in her Maleficent-inspired outfit.


The winner, Jovine, in her Maleficent-inspired outfit. (source: IACT PARTS)


IACT PARTS hosted this event to give students a chance to de-stress themselves from the heaps of work that came with the recent quarantine by dressing up as their favourite Disney characters. Those who participated expressed their enjoyment of the event; some even said that they were encouraged to participate after seeing their friends join in. More about the IACT PARTS Disney month can be found under the hashtag #PARTSDISNEYMONTH on Instagram.