Disney Debate! – IACT PARTS

With the month of November being Disney month, IACT PARTS held a Disney-themed debate on their Discord server on 21 November 2020, Saturday morning. There were a total of 19 students who participated in this event. Participants either joined as a debater or as an audience member. There were four participants who were debaters while the rest watched. Out of the four, two winners were selected, and were announced on their Discord server on the same day.


Disney Debate by IACT PARTS


Participation instructions (source: IACT PARTS)


Other than the surprisingly competitive debate, the event also had some students imitating the voice and mannerisms of well-known Disney characters. This ended up revealing a few previously undiscovered talents in some of the participating students.


Participants in the Disney Debate (source: IACT PARTS)


Overall, the participants, including five not originally from IACT PARTS, stated that the event was extremely enjoyable, and that they would love to attend similarly hosted events in the future. More about the PARTS Disney month can be found under the hashtag #PARTSDISNEYMONTH and talks about the debate can be found under #PARTSDISNEYDEBATE.