Forex vs Stocks – BAC Finance and Investment Club x Career Club

On 15 June 2021, 8 p.m. the talk ‘Forex vs Stocks’ was held on Zoom by the Finance and Investment Club of BAC in collaboration with BAC Career Club. The talk was given by guest speaker Dr Kevin, Founder and Head Coach of Penny Stocks Malaysia. This talk was the Finance and Investment club’s first virtual event. 



Some of the points shared by Dr Kevin were the differences between the forex and stock market to provide students a basic understanding. This would also allow students to differentiate which types of investment are long and short term. Students also learnt risk appetite and management, as well as the cash flow needed to start investing in these different markets. 


Dr Kevin presenting on Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations.


A total of 100 participants consisting of students and staff of BAC attended the talk. Some of them lauded the guest speaker’s engaging and informative presentation. “The speaker is really willing to input his honest thoughts and opinions on the questions, making it casual and lively at the same time – it is very informative too,” shared Elene Tang, one of the participants. The event drew to a close at 9.45 p.m.