Get Your Game On: BAC’s Board Game Bash

By Inddoo Manimaran

Ever since word got out earlier this year, the Foundation in Law (FIL) April 2019 students marked their calendars for the Board Game Bash held over three days from the 17th to 19th February 2020. Many students took to social media and promoted this creative and fun-filled event by tagging their Instagram posts with the hashtag ‘#bacgames’.

The Student Hub at Level 1 was buzzing with excitement since Day 1 of the Board Game Bash.

On the 17th February 2020, students and lecturers, gathered at the brand new student engagement centre, Student Hub at Level 1 to witness participants and their very own board game creations (a total of 48 board games, to be precise!) take centre stage. In fact, the event drew a remarkable response within the BAC Education Group with participation of close to 300 students and lecturers! The emcees of the day, Suresh Francis Stanislaus and Aqil Redzuan, made sure everyone felt right at home. They engaged with the audience and were ever willing to lend a helping hand to participants in need of assistance.

Creative and eye-catching decorations by FIL April 2019 students to promote their very own board games.

The second day of the event, 18th February 2020, saw students actively promoting their board games with eye-catching decorations to rope in more participants while the highlight on the final day of the event, 19th February 2019, was a surprise musical performance by two (Group A) students, Tea Puti, 20, and Yong Jing Hao (Oscar), 19, who serenaded the crowd with a Chinese song titled ‘刚刚好’(Just Right) originally sung by, Joker Xue. Needless to say, the crowd was impressed and cheered throughout the performance.

Connor Christon, 22, a PJ resident who attended the event over the course of three days found out about the event via an Instagram post shared by his friend. As for his feedback on the event – “It was fun, very exciting. The first day I was just like, ‘WOW!’, I thought it was going to be boring (no pun intended). I also thought everyone was going to be quiet, like ‘Okay, roll the dice’ “, he said with a stern facial expression.

“But I loved it, like, how noisy it was. It is the people that made the game fun..,” he added.

Teamwork makes all the difference.

In essence, the event encouraged students to improve their presentation and social skills and gain a new out-of-classroom experience by promoting teamwork and forging greater camaraderie among students and lecturers. At the end of day, it was the students’ energy as a collective and coming together as a family that kept the ball rolling throughout the entire event. As tiring as it was for the students, they felt accomplished and proud. It was truly an experience to be cherished!