Hofstede Mou 2.0

On 12 March 2021, Friday, sixteen students from the Cross Cultural Studies class in Diploma in Marketing & Advertising (DMA) organised an interactive online showcase called “Hofstede Mou 2.0” at 9:00 am on the MS-Team platform. The event was held in celebration of the work of Geert Hofstede, the Dutch social psychologist renowned for the Cultural Dimensions and is the second instalment of a similar event following the face-to-face version the year before.

Over 170 students and staff attended the event which consisted of a series of games, activities and personality tests to facilitate the learning of the cultural dimensions. The guests were given the opportunity to judge each booth based on the students’ creativity, presentation quality, professionalism, and effectiveness. The students hosting this showcase were assigned to five groups according to the Hofstede Cultural Dimensions ie. Individualism vs Collectivism (IDV); Masculinity vs Femininity (MAS); Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI); Long Term vs Short Term Orientation (LTO); and Indulgence vs Restraint (IVR).


Choose your own adventure in The Explorers where decisions are vital to your survival.


Joke’s On You is a storyboard card game to indicate how indulgent or restrain the players are.


Find out if you prefer to avoid uncertainties or take them head-on with I Agree.


Staff and students having a good laugh with the Discovery Team differentiating individualism and collectivism.


Identifying masculinity and femininity by assembling the ideal male or female is a challenge in The Middleground.


Head of School and Module Lecturer Winston Lim said that this event was intended to make understanding the differences between national cultures as interactive and relatable as possible while creating a culture of diversity in a creative way. “I had this vision where I wanted to make learning cultures as unintimidating and non-threatening as much as we possibly can. We needed to inject the element of fun and still relevant to real-life applications.” The online event concluded at 1:15 pm.