Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Come Alive At IACT College

To commemorate the great work by the late Geert Hofstede who passed away recently – Head, School of Marketing & Advertising/Module Lecturer, Winston Lim and his students organised an interactive showcase called “Hofstede Mou?”

Eighteen students from the Cross-Cultural Studies module offered in the Diploma in Marketing & Advertising (DMA) organised an interactive showcase called “Hofstede Mou?” on Tuesday, 10th March 2020, from 1:00 pm at Futura, IACT College.

The event was held in celebration of the work of Geert Hofstede, the Dutch social psychologist renowned for the Six Cultural Dimensions, who passed away in February 2020.

The students hosting this showcase were assigned to six groups representing each Hofstede Cultural Dimension ie Individualism vs Collectivism (IDV); Power Distance (PDI); Masculinity vs Femininity (MAS); Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI); Long Term vs Short Term Orientation (LTO); and Indulgent vs Restraint (IVR).

Over 150 students and staff attended the event featuring a series of board games and personality tests to facilitate the learning of cultural dimensions. There was also a weightlifting competition and manicure session!

The guests were given the opportunity to judge each booth based on the students’ creativity, presentation quality, professionalism and effectiveness. On-ground promotional activities started as early as 12 pm where a small band of students went from class to class to present a quick teaser song to stir up interest and patronage for the event.

According to Head of School and Module Lecturer, Winston Lim, the main purpose of the event was to encourage understanding and differentiating national cultures in a fun and relatable way while celebrating diversity in a creative way using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions – “We wanted to make learning culture as interactive and as non-threatening as much as we possibly can. It was never my intention to teach all the concepts without any real-life applications. I hope our students and our guests had fun learning while playing,”

Kudos to all students and guests for making this event a success!