IACT College e-Convocation Ceremony 2021

On Saturday, 29 May 2021, IACT College hosted their second online Convocation ceremony celebrating the graduating class of 2021 Degree and Diploma students. The e-Convocation ceremony was livestreamed over Vimeo from 10 a.m. to 1p.m.

Amrita Dhillon, Programme Coordinator for School of Creative Communication, also the Emcee of IACT eConvo ’21.

The convocation opened with Master of Ceremonies, Amrita Dhillon who is also the Programme Coordinator for School of Communication, congratulating graduates on the completion of their studies and sharing her own thoughts. The ceremony officially commenced with the singing of the national anthem “Negaraku”.

Lawrence Chan, Chief Experience Officer of IACT College, shares his thoughts with the graduates.


Raja Singham, Chief Director of BAC Education Group, gives his speech.

A series of speeches then followed. Lawrence Chan, Chief Experience Officer of IACT College shared with graduates about accepting things as they are in life, and developing resilience which will carry one far in life. Raja Singham, Chief Director of BAC Education Group shared with graduates about always being adaptable and the need to stay relevant with the times.


Keynote guest speaker, Asha Gill, sharing with graduates the life lessons she had learnt.

Keynote guest speaker Asha Gill from LITE, shared her experience going through school and experimenting with various career routes. She shared about how each person has their own unique life journey and that no one is a carbon copy of the other. She also shared four guiding points following IACT as an acronym – I am who I think; Actions; Change; Thoughts.

Professor Arabella, the Dean of Arts and Creative Industries at the University of Sunderland, presents her speech.


Professor Arabella, the Dean of Arts and Creative Industries at the University of Sunderland also gave a speech, mentioning the progress of University of Sunderland’s collaboration with IACT College.


Suria Kumar, graduate of BA (Hons) Advertising & Design.


Xindy Wong, graduate of BA (Hons) Media, Culture, and Communication.

The graduation ceremony then began. Graduates from various programmes from IACT College were announced and conferred their respective Degrees and Diplomas.

Graduate Suria Kumar, representing graduates of BA (Hons) Advertising and Design (BAD) gave a presentation sharing his experience in the programme. This followed with the announcing of names of students graduating from the BAD degree course. Next, graduate Xindy Wong shared her experience in the BA (Hons) Media, Culture, Communication (BMCC) programme. This followed with the announcing of the names of graduates from the BMCC programme.

Following the Degree programmes were the announcing of graduates from the Diploma programmes, consisting of Diploma in Marketing and Advertising (DMA), Diploma in Event Communication (DEC), Diploma in Graphic Design (DGD), Diploma in Mass Communication (DMC), and Diploma in Broadcasting and Film (DIBF). Each programme began with a sharing from representatives Chesney Chan (DMA), Haris Iskandar (DGD), Sharyl Priyanka (DMC), and Ilanggovel Anpalagan (DIBF).

Chesney Chan, graduate of Diploma in Marketing and Advertising.


Haris Iskandar, graduate of Diploma in Graphic Design.

A performance as a short break in between the announcements!
Sharyl Priyanka, graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication.

Ilanggovel Anpalagan, graduate of Diploma in Broadcasting and Film.


After the announcing of graduates, industry awards were announced for graduates in recognition for their works:


School of Advertising & Marketing: Silverlake Sprints Sdn Bhd Academic Excellence Award – Lee Yun Thye


School of Creative Arts: University of Northampton Academic Excellence Award –  Hoo Pei Shan


School of Creative Communication: Worldzone M&E Sdn Bhd Academic Excellence Award – Twinkle Lau Jia-Chee


BA (Hons) Advertising and Design 3+0 Programme, University of Sunderland, UK: Shopper 360 Sdn Bhd Academic Excellence Award – Eunice Loke Wai Kei


IACT College Chairman’s Top Student Award of 2021 –  JULIANA BINTI REZA H. ISMAIL


The valedictorian was then announced to be graduate Tung Hui Ying of the BMCC course. She gave a speech thanking her lecturers, family, friends, and God on her graduation and shared her experience as a student thus far.

IACT College Valedictorian of 2021, Tung Hui Ying
Valedictorian Tung Hui Ying giving her thanks and sharing her experience.


Creative video presentation to end the eConvo!


Inessa Serikandi, graduate of Diploma in Event Communication shares her experience being the first batch of the newly established programme.

The graduation ceremony then closed with a video feature by lecturer Ain Syafiqah, compiling footage of college memories of students during the past two years. This followed with a testimonial sharing by Inessa Serikandi, graduate representing the first batch of the new DEC course. The livestream then ended at 1p.m.