IACT College Holds The First E-Convocation In ASEAN

In an unprecedented move, IACT College, the country’s leading specialist creative communication college, held its first e-Convocation ceremony for the graduating class of 2020 on Saturday, 16th May 2020.

This innovative event was the brainchild of IACT’s Executive Chairman, Mr Raja Singham. A member of the BAC Education Group, IACT College has been working around the clock to bring students an unparalleled and enhanced college experience despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting Movement Control Order.

After the e-Convocation, Intan Azreena, the Head of the College’s School of Humanities said, “Modern problems require modern solutions. What pandemic? IACT rocks!”.

Class of 2020 graduates beaming with pride and excitement at the E-Convocation.

The e-Convocation attracted over 200 participants among which 143 were graduates from IACT’s Certificate, Foundation, Diploma and Degree programmes.

The e-Convocation programme was a simple but meaningful one. Graduates and their friends and family members logged on via their Zoom link from home to join the convocation proceedings.

At 10.00 am, the ceremony began with a special address to the graduates by this year’s Keynote Speaker, Mr Andreas Vogiatzakis, an advertising and media industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience. Mr Andreas shared with the graduating class his experience and the lessons he learnt which moulded his attitude and mindset to bring him to the pinnacle of success in the media industry.

Then, instead of usual speeches, there was a panel discussion by Mr Raja Singham, the Executive Chairman of IACT College and Managing Director of BAC Education, Mr Lawrence Chan (Chief Experience Officer of BAC Education Group) and advertising veteran; Mr Azizul Kallahan, retired Executive Chairman and Founder of Spencer Azizul Advertising. The discussion themed “Inspiring Achievements in the New Normal” aimed at inspiring graduates with experiences and revolutionary new ways of working online and how success could still be achieved in this new normal.

The consistent message to the graduating class was one of hope and inspiration. From the sharing of life experiences by the panelists, the graduates were reminded of the need to be accountable, have goals, to be resilient, remain relevant by re-inventing themselves and to be ready to give back to their communities.

Following this, a highlight presentation featuring every participating graduate’s picture and their short message was played as each graduate’s name was called out simultaneously. It was at this moment that the student symbolically graduated from the college.

Chua Suke Jean, Samantha who was awarded a First Class Honours, BA (Hons) Advertising & Design (3+0) (University of Sunderland), shares a few words with her fellow graduates.

At that point, students received their diplomas and degrees simultaneously through the BAC Education Group’s innovative blockchain platform. This is a safe, encrypted platform where documents can be stored in perpetuity, downloaded, printed and verified whenever they are needed. Once the certificate was issued, the graduate was given access. They owned the file but would not be able to modify its contents.

Prof. Lee Hall, Head of the School of Media and Communications, University of Sunderland.

The e-Convocation was also graced by a special congratulatory video message from Prof Lee Hall, Head of the School of Media and Communications, University of Sunderland. He joined the e-Convocation via Zoom, despite it being 3 a.m. in the U.K!

As a special gesture, each student in the Class of 2020 received a T-shirt customised with a message “Graduated Straight Outta Quarantine” or “Class of 2020. Can’t Hold Us Back. #MCO”.

In keeping with its tradition of creativity, the Performing Arts Club entertained the graduates and guests with a special live performance of the evergreen hit “Kiss to build a dream”. This was followed by a flashback video showing the graduates’ life and memorable moments in college, with a finale “Goodbye and Good Luck” wish from the whole IACT College team.

Many of the students in the Class of 2020 and their parents showed their appreciation by sending in selfies and messages after the ceremony. The short e-Convocation was over in one and half hours. Yet, it underscored the need for innovation and adaptability for any organisation to stay relevant in this new normal.