IACT College Students Serving Our Community With Kindness

Service is a great way to bring communities together. This is realized when the student of IACT College led by lecturer Sharon Bok enabling a series of community programmes that will connect communities closer together. The students who are currently pursuing their Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) subject this quarter have created an eclectic and wonderfully unique programme that brings about positive change in our area thus help rally the masses.


To kick-off the project, the students created a breakfast programme entitled JOM BREAKFAST. The students prepared breakfast, fed the people and conducted several engaging activities. The event, having being organized by Institut Onn Jaafar in collaboration with IACT College was held at the Spastic Children’s Association Of Selangor & Federal Territory, Petaling Jaya. This centre is the oldest NGO in Malaysia dedicated to the education, rehabilitation and care of children with Cerebral Palsy.


IACT College students held a day of service and worked on projects that benefitted the community with class activities such as arts & craft project, plant pots-painting project and mini-performances from the students as well. Noting great participation, interest, and enthusiasm from the students, the programme emphasized the importance of coming together to become more informed and to envision the future of the community.


This is a yearly event organized by Institut Onn Jaafar (IOJ) with the main objective to provide temporary relief to the underprivileged, especially children/students, in this case, living with disabilities and gain a better understanding of some of the struggles they face.

The Diploma in Mass Communications and Diploma in Professional Communications students were invited to volunteer themselves every fortnightly, from 12/2/2020 till 11/3/2020 with involvement from the preparation of breakfast to various creative activities with the spastic students. A total of 87 Volunteer steered the programme to huge success

The aim of this entire collaboration is to expose IACT students to be involved and participate in different community work activities as part of a bigger plan in giving back to society. Through participation and involvement with the society, students will be able to demonstrate better understanding and promote the value of community service with the application of hard and soft skills learned during their diploma programme at IACT College. In addition, this event will provide a strategic platform to train and nurture IACT students to collaborate and work as part of a team thus preparing them to organize and handle any community event or programme in the near future.

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