Intellectual Property Workshop – KPUM x NATL

An Intellectual Property Workshop was organised by the KPUM Club of Brickfields Asia College (BAC) in collaboration with Ng, Arlene Tan & Leong (NATL) Advocates & Solicitors, for the benefit of law students currently enrolled in the University of London (UOL) and UK Transfer Law Degree Programmes as well as foreign law graduates currently pursuing the Certificate In Legal Practice (CLP) examination.

The interactive session held on 11th January at our PJ Campus was attended by over 40 UOL and UKTL students. Key highlights during the session were valuable insights on the practice of intellectual property law in Malaysia by seasoned legal practitioners, Dr Leong Jin Hoong, Partner at Messrs. Ng, Arlene Tan & Leong (NATL) and fellow lawyer, Mr Koh Wei Jie.

Overall, participants of the workshop found the session to be informative in terms of the common IP issues faced in Malaysia and the integral skills required to succeed as an IP practitioner. It is our hope that this session has enabled our budding lawyers to be better informed in specialisation within this area of the law in the future!