Kinograph 2020: Short Film Screening

By Danisha Elianna (Kinograph 2020, Head of PR Team)

Petaling Jaya – A short film screening called “Kinograph 2020” held last weekend (15th and 16th August 2020) at BACPAC, PJ Campus witnessed IACT College’s Final Year Students of Broadcasting & Film coming together to showcase their short films to members of the public. The 30-minute short films were a great opportunity for the final year students to apply the basic fundamentals in movie marketing to showcase their skills and break into the creative industry.

Audience @ BACPAC observing social distancing SOPs during the short film screening.

A total of 50 attendees including family and friends were excited to attend the event while observing the strict SOP in the new normal. Special guests who graced the event include Mr Lawrence Chan (BAC Group Chief Engagement Officer), Mr Timothy Chan (Academic Head of IACT College), Mr. Anas Aiman Husyn (Industry Panel) and Broadcasting & Film Lecturers. The two-day event was also streamed via Facebook live.

The first session on 15th August, 2020 showcased two short films – ‘3301’ by Cactus Production and ‘11037’ by Lito Taigo. Both films highlight current social trends and issues with ‘3301’ depicting an Internet challenge which was trending in 2012 and the conflict that ensued among a group of friends. The second short film, ‘11037’, tells the tale of ‘Fish’, the lead character that searches for her missing friend only to discover her own split personality disorder which was the cause of her friend’s disappearance.

Kinograph 2020 was also streamed via Facebok Live.

Other short films produced by Mass Communication students were also featured in the next session – ‘Goodnight Shan’ by 404 Production and ‘Life is a Cycle’ by Seventh Sense Production. A film about a person suffering from Disassociate Identity Disorder (DID), ‘Goodnight Shan’, highlights the struggles and family conflicts faced by a person suffering from mental illness. Meanwhile, ‘Life is a Cycle’ showcases how a teenager faces societal pressure to conform and eventually attempts suicide due to depression.

This film was dedicated towards a character that fakes her identity to fit into society. Along the way, she was then exposed for faking her identity by a friend, she then attempted suicide due to depression and self-loss. Having it said, the films that were premiered on the first day had a certain message that was portrayed towards society. It was a good way to end the first day of the event.

On the final day of the event, a total of four short films were screened out of which two films dealt with overcoming personal loss (‘Memo’ by Kakilang Production and ‘Papillon’ by Butter-Fly production) as well as other common social issues plaguing Malaysian youth. Overall, the short film screening was a success with rave reviews from the audience!