LECture Series – The Change Maker

On 29th February 2020, BAC’s Career Club organised a LECture series titled “The Change Maker” at BAC’s PJ Campus.

Featuring speeches on key values, namely, Leadership (L), Empathy (E), and Confidence (C), the series aimed to educate the younger generation on important soft skills to achieve career success.

Mr Gurmeet Singh presenting his speech on Empathy in Career Life.

Esteemed guest speakers from the legal fraternity and entertainment industry were invited to speak on these topics. Ms Karen Cheah, a partner at Messrs Chooi & Co, Cheang & Ariff spoke on leadership skills for career success; Ms. Koe Yeet, a lawyer by profession and actress by passion, highlighted the importance of developing self-confidence while Mr. Gurmeet Singh, a public speaker, provided insights on how empathy plays an important role at the workplace.

Ms Karen Cheah receiving a token of appreciation from the Career Club representative.

The committee members of the Career Club demonstrated good teamwork to make the event a success with close to 50 participants attending the event.

Ms. Koe Yeet even shared her thoughts on the event and tagged BAC’s Career Club on her Instagram feed!

Check out her inspiring post below:


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Confidence in Another Chapter of Life. This was the title of my talk at BAC Career Club Event. And like I truthfully admitted in my talk, I almost turned it down as I do not think I am the most confident person ever. But the more I think about it, the more I realised that it actually makes me a good candidate for the talk. I am a NORMAL person like anyone else. I have self doubts, I second guess myself and I often get bombarded with imposter syndrome, ‘what if they knew that i am not good enough OR what if there is someone better than me?’. It then goes downhill from there. But that in fact makes me more qualified to talk about CONFIDENCE — from a point of view that is more relatable to everyone. I’m glad I gave the talk. I got to meet new people, I got to speak to so many of you who followed me since my uni days, and you know what was life giving? Hearing you say ‘because of you, I did not give up. Now I am a writer’. That made everything worth it. So, thank you for this experience. It’s one that I will never forget.

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