Lending a Helping Paw- Leo Club Paw Love Fundraiser

Thanks to the pandemic, It’s been tough all around, for both humans and animals alike. But while humans have been teaming up to support each other as much as possible, it can’t be denied that animals are rather limited in their means when it comes to organising assistance for their own communities (hey, stray pets have internal societal structures too, ya know!)

The lack of a proper food source, as well as stretched resources in organisations that try to overcome this is a serious issue- numerous stray and shelter animals who have no other option for survival often resort to inadvertently making nuisances of themselves in their quest for food. But there are some bright young souls aiming to change that- including BAC’s very own Leo club!

The Leo Club of BAC is setting up the Paw Love Fundraiser to raise donations for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Kajang, a well-respected integrated animal welfare organisation aiming to alleviate cruelty and reduce suffering for animals. Donations and contributions to the fundraiser will help them provide some much-needed care and medical treatment for rescued animals as well as provide necessary essentials for the maintenance of our dear furry friends at the centre.

But how will donations be raised, you may ask? The Leo Club plans to collect funds for donations via the sale of Chocotubs and Butter Chicken Masala Rice Sets, with the order deadline set at 22nd July 2021.

Kudos to the Leo Club for this large and (ahem) lion-hearted endeavour- and we look forward to posting an update on a successful fundraiser!