LexisNexis Research Workshop – BAC Law Society x Moot Society

In collaboration with BAC Moot Society and LexisNexis Malaysia, the BAC Law Society held a Legal Research Workshop on Saturday, 3rd July 2021 to provide a virtual guide and insight on how our fellow participants can utilise LexisNexis in their legal research for both their academic and legal practice purposes. With over 400 registrations and 300 active participants, this 2-hour successful event has left a lasting impression on both the participants as well as the organizers.


LexisNexis guest speaker’s profile – Mr Ahmad Hamidi Bin B Abdul Rahim


The LexisNexis Research Workshop covered the key features that users can utilise presented by our guest speaker, Mr Ahmad Hamidi Bin B Abdul Rahim, the Lead of the LexisNexis team in South East Asia. Mr Hamidi delved into the tips and tricks on how users can refine their search and use the Advanced Search feature provided to their full advantage. LexisNexis is an exceptionally inclusive legal search engine due to its wide coverage of jurisdiction and countries. Mr Hamidi also highlighted the differences between search engines for Malaysian cases and international cases which will be beneficial for students to widen their research pool.


The enhanced features that LexisNexis Advance provides are their “Note” as well as “Cloud Sharing” feature. Users can actively add commentary and highlight parts of a text found in their legal research materials with unlimited downloads and the benefits of creating folders within the LexisNexis platform itself.


Their Cloud Sharing functions allow users to share their thoughts, opinions and even comments and notes of specific cases easily with friends and colleagues. This is helpful for virtual group research or group studies as they have an editing function that invites external views and comments that can be easily made and added to the same document. As suggested by Mr Hamidi, these features are beneficial for the users especially during this pandemic where everything was done virtually or online.


Lexis Nexis research workshop in session.


The insightful tutorials provided by Mr Hamidi were truly optimal. At the end of the workshop, participants were put to the test with a Kahoot quiz session to put their newfound knowledge to the test. During the Kahoot session, Mr Hamidi took his time to explain some of the questions in detail for the users to gain further clarification. The LexisNexis team was very well prepared as his colleague also answered questions in the chatbox from the participants. This was to ensure that no questions were missed during the workshop.


Thanks to Mr Hamidi and his team, the event went smoothly as they provided such great guidance for the participants. The event was an overall success and participants of the workshop graduated with a new skill set that will be of great use when the time comes.