PEP Talk 2020

Saturday, 29th of February 2020 was a memorable day for participants of the PEP Talk Competition organised by BAC Games.

A full house at our very first PEP Talk Competition.

The public speaking competition provided a platform for young and innovative speakers to inspire others to embrace the global call to action for sustainability, peace and prosperity in today’s world and into the future in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SGDs).

With 25 students taking part in the selection rounds on the 21st and 24th of February 2020, 2 speakers qualified to the finals from each House.

House of Phoenix speakersShobita Nagulendran, Azalea Iman binti Ahmad Azwan.

House of Pegasus speakersDinesh Subramaniam, Lee Marsha.

House of Muramasa speakersDeveshwara Shangaran, Lee Desmond Ngee Bin.

House of Pharaohs speakersYorrani Terang Airu, Siddhartan Randhawa.

House of Hydra speakersSimon Raj, Sanjeev Mohan.

Azalea Iman binti Ahmad Azwan from House of Phoenix, delivering her inspiring speech.

The inspiring speeches from participants and guest speakers, Ms Mayna Ramesh Patel and Ms. Marianne Clark-Hattingh, captivated the attention of over 100 attendees including students, parents, lecturers and other members of the public.

PEP Talk 2020 judges in delibaration – Mr. Lawrence Chan, Mr Nara Subramanian amd Ms. Salinee Ganeson.

The panel of judges invited to assess each speech and determine the ultimate winner were none other than Mr. Lawrence Chan (Chief Operating Officer, IACT), Ms Salinee Ganeson (Women Empowerment Advocate/Founding President of Young Women in Leadership & Development, Malaysia) and Mr. Nara Subramanian (Chartered Accountant and Certified Business Coach).

Special performances by life coach and author, Zhariff Afandi as well as IACT student kept the audience in high spirits.

IACT students entertaining the crowd with a live performance.

Overall, the event empowered students to gain more knowledge on the 17 SDGs  as judges were impressed with the broad range of skills and talents displayed by the participants and their take on the SDGs.

Student member and Project Director, Edward Burt Wai Yee Sheen expressed relief and pride over the success of the event – “As it is my first event in BAC, I am proud that everything turned out well in the end. Eventhough there were minor glitches during the event, everything was solved with the help of Ms. Thevaroobini Chandrasekaran, our Phoenix adviser and the BAC Games team”.

“Participants gave positive feedback on the event – it gave them an opportunity to sharpen their public speaking skills and showcase their talents,” he added.

Champion of PEP Talk 2020, Shobita Nagulendran with her trophy.  (L-R: Mr. Lawrence Chan, Mr Nara Subramanian, Mr Raja Singham, Shobita Nagulendran, Ms. Salinee Ganeson, Ms. Thevaroobini Chandrasekaran and Mr Brian Lariche)

Here is the full list of PEP Talk 2020 winners:


Congratulations to all the winners! 

Special thanks to Mr. Kumar Nagalingam (Chief Operating Officer, Skills Academy) and Ms Thevaroobini Chandrasekaran (Teacher Advisor, House of Phoenix) for their dedication and support; Ms Charlene Anisha Singh (Lecturer) for assistance in editing texts and serving as a judge in the selection rounds; Mr. Nathan Tharmalingam (Lecturer and coach for House of Phoenix) for coaching speakers and serving as a judge in the selection rounds; and Mr. Brian Lariche (Head of Community Development, Make It Right Movement (MIRM)) for his invaluable advice and tips on public speaking.

Good job, folks!