On 11 December 2020, Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. up to 60 of the latest batch of IACT College students will be exhibiting their photography pieces and artworks in the newly-launched online photo exhibition titled ‘PIXEL 8.0 – Edisi Rumah’. This exhibition is the eighth and latest of a series of photography exhibitions since it’s conception back in 2018, and the second photography exhibition to be featured online. The photos exhibited are those captured by the current semester’s photography class, featuring works from students of Mass Communication, Graphic Design, Broadcast and Film, and Professional Communication Diploma courses. 


Sneak Peek of The Pictures at Pixel 8.0!


“Too old for hard labour, but still on the job” – Journalism, a photo by Victoria Wong Kah Yee



“Sometimes you don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant for good food” – Taste of the Street, a photo by Alexus Bong Wee Kwong


“MCO or not, our parents are the real heroes. They have been there since the first day and has been taking care of us, and here they are now still doing it by cooking and feeding us. Find some time to thank your parents, they will gladly appreciate it.” – Cook to Feed, a photo by Kok Jun Xian


“Let’s ride through the tough times and live a better life together” – Grab a Lesson, a photo by Lau Jun Yip

While the photography exhibition will be available for longer, the one-day launch organised by Hi Media will include live stream performances on The New NRML Facebook page by various local artists while viewers enjoy viewing the artworks. The artists who will be performing are Leaism, Heidi, Our Project, AinXHadi, and Nada & Luthfi.


Performance Line Up!

Besides the live online performances, there will be an ongoing social media photo competition called #PixelEdisiRumah in which the winner will be announced on Saturday, 12 December 2020. The winner will receive prizes sponsored by Dos Cafe, Green Cotton, GoFit, and Aroi Mak Mak. 


#PixelEdisiRumah challenge on social media – challenge steps.

Sponsors for the #PixelEdisiRumah challenge

Green Cotton and their GoFit masks, one of the sponsors for the #PixelEdisiRumah challenge.


Aroi Mak Mak – Thai Restaurant, one of the sponsors for the #PixelEdisiRumah challenge.


Dos Cafe, one of the sponsors for the #PixelEdisiRumah challenge.


Watch the exhibition launch with live performances at The New NRML’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thenewnrml2020 and check out the photography exhibition on https://ainsyafiqah.wixsite.com/pixel8