Ready, Take One, Action!

Petaling Jaya, 4th July 2021- It wasn’t that long ago that many people would go to the movie theatre to watch the latest film releases. Sometimes, short films in small movie theaters would be an option too. Plenty of movie theaters are currently not operating due to the pandemic, resulting in the public opting to watch the latest movies online.

Everyone loves to watch movies or even short films regardless of which age range they are in. In line with that, the final year Broadcasting students from IACT College are hosting an online film screening event to showcase short films production done during this pandemic.

This event will be occurring on 7th August 2021 and 8th August 2021. It is a two-day online live screening event. It consists of 9 short films produced by students from Diploma in Mass Communication and Diploma in Broadcasting and Filming.



The name of the event is Ready, Take One. Ready, Take One is inspired by the first step of shooting in the production process for every filming. Hence, the final year project is the first step of venturing into the film industry for students. The logo of the event is styled similar to an arcade machine. This is because the arcade represents that there are many choices of games everyone can play, consisting of endless, fun options, the same as movies and short films.



To find out more content about which short films will be featured in the event, look out for their social media page on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok @READYTAKEONE.

Press Release written by Jessica Lee Ying Ying