Rise of Athena – upcoming Valorant Tournament by IACT’s The New NRML

On 17 and 18 July 2021, a Valorant gaming tournament called ‘Rise of Athena: All-Female Valorant Tournament 2021’ will be organised and hosted by this year’s batch of final-year Diploma students from IACT College. The first-person shooter tournament will be livestreamed on The New NRML Facebook page with the aim to encourage female participation in the competitive gaming scene and to promote a healthy spirit of competition among female gamers in Malaysia and Singapore. 


The ‘Rise of Athena’ tournament will be open exclusively to female players from Malaysia and Singapore, with up to 16 teams competing for the prize pool of up to RM 3,000! The tournament is officially sponsored by Acer’s PREDATOR, gaming distributor OffGamers, healthy food distributor Love Earth, fashion brand HYPE, and gaming organisation KITAMEN. The tournament will progress through single elimination brackets to determine the winners.


Rise of Athena – an All-Female Valorant Tournament by The New NRML will see16 participating teams from Malaysia and Singapore competing for a prize pool of up to RM3,000! Officially sponsored by PREDATOR, OffGamers, Love Earth, HYPE, and KITAMEN.


Why Athena? Athena is known as the Olympian goddess of wisdom and war in Greek mythology, and is now used as the tournament’s official emblem to promote and represent the female demographic in the virtual competitive battlefield. 


Team Registration slots are still open and available until the 4th of July, with a set registration fee of RM50 per team. Tournament rules, registration, and other details about the event can be found on The New NRML’s Facebook page.


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