‘Social Justice’ Forum by Christian Fellowship

The Christian Fellowship of Brickfields Asia College PJ and IACT College banded together for a collaborative forum to discuss a popular topic – Social Justice. It was held on Zoom on Tuesday, 24 November 2020 and was held from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. The forum was moderated by BAC CF committee member Rachel Sia and hosted two guest panelist speakers: Lau Lu-Zhong who was a former president of BAC CF and is a leader of a youth community called After7, and Ken Ming who is currently a deacon at PJEFC replacing Heidy Quah, founder of Refuge For The Refugees who wasn’t able to make it that day. The purpose of the forum was to take a look into what Social Justice is, what are some of the social justice issues one faces in the world today, and what the Christian response is to these issues.


Forum participants including moderator Rachel Sia (top left), and guest panelists Ken Ming (third from left) and next to him, Lu-Zhong (third from right).


With 19 participants in attendance, the event began with icebreakers led by IACT CF Vice President Elsa Yeow. The icebreakers were a quiz of a set of random funny questions on Kahoot! which the participants joined in with fun and laughter. After that, a session of worship was led by Merliah Yong and Rheanne Wong through a pre-recorded video shared to everyone in the Zoom meeting. After that, the worship session was closed in a word of prayer before the forum itself began.


During the forum itself, questions that have been compiled before the event were presented to the panelists to discuss their answers. Various questions and topics have been brought up such as the definition of social justice and where it’s found in the Bible, on the topic of abortion, the LGBTQ+ movement, on politics, and the Christian’s response in each scenario, among others. After going through each question, the session was opened to the floor for any questions from the attendees. The question was about how one is able to love while not watering down or sugarcoating truth, which made the final question before wrapping up the session.


Quote from guest panelist Lau Lu-Zhong (credit: BAC Christian Fellowship PJ on Instagram)


Quote from guest panelist Ken Ming (credit: BAC Christian Fellowship PJ on Instagram)


If there is ever one takeaway from the forum discussion, it would be how the Christian is called to love the people involved in or are on the receiving end of such issues which paves the way to present the gospel perspective to them. One of the forum participants who was of a different faith found the forum to be very insightful and enlightening. The forum was closed with a word of prayer led by Rachel Sia before the Zoom meeting ended.