The Resurrection of the Dead – BAC x IACT CF Easter Special

On 1 April 2021, Thursday, the Christian Fellowship of Brickfields Asia College and IACT College held their combined online Easter event. Starting at 5pm, 15 participants who were students of BAC and IACT College came on the Zoom meeting and broke the ice by initiating a doodling activity. This followed by a time of praise and worship led by Jonathan Tan, Merliah Yong, Elsa Yeow, and Lee Ju En. After that, they welcomed their guest speaker for the day, Eddryll Teo on the topic of ‘The Resurrection of the Dead’ following the coming Easter celebrations.


Pre-recorded worship segment led by (from left) Merliah Yong, Lee Ju En (guitar), and Elsa Yeow (keys).


Guest speaker profile: Eddryll Teo


Eddryl Teo was the current general acting head of studies in Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) and also the founder of an Instagram meme page called “Malaysian Christian Memes”. Eddryl Teo spoke on the Resurrection of the Dead and how it is as a matter of first importance in the life of a Christian. “If the resurrection of Jesus happened, that means that everything that Jesus said was true! It means that God has dealt with the issue of death. If God has raised Jesus from the dead, it means that Jesus did not deserve death and that God is sovereign over all,” he shared.


Eddryll Teo explaining the story of the Bible from the beginning till when Jesus came, died, resurrected and exalted.


After Eddryll’s sharing, the participants were divided and moved into breakout rooms to dive deeper into the topic and reflect. Among the reflection questions discussed, participants were asked to share how they had come to believe in Jesus Christ, what the resurrection means to them, and if the resurrection were true, what would be the one thing stopping them from believing. The session ended with everyone regrouping in the main meeting and closing in prayer at 7pm.

Eddryl and members of IACT and BAC CF.


This combined Easter online event also concluded the series of Cell Group discussions held at IACT CF over the past few weeks namely on the topics of Rebellion, Judgment, and Atonement following the story of the Bible.


‘Rebellion’ by IACT Christian Fellowship.


‘Judgement’ by IACT Christian Fellowship.


‘Atonement’ by IACT Christian Fellowship.