ALSA After Hours: Tipping The Scale

On the 28th of November, BAC’s Asian Law Students’ Association Club held their online event, “ALSA After Hours: Tipping the Scale”, to educate students and help them better understand what courses were available and how to choose between them. The event had two sessions: UOL vs UKT, and CLP vs BPTC, in which speakers got to share their experiences in the programmes to give students  an insight into how the courses would be.

The first session, UOL vs UKT with Robin Ho and Evan Ho and the host, Amirul Hakim.


Evan Ho giving his statistics which aided him to choose his respective university in the UK.


The second session, CLP vs BPTC with Slyvie Tan and Shermaljit Singh and the host, Ngo Shion Yi


The Q&A session during the second session moderated by Esther Lee.

Evan Ho Yong Han and Robin Ho Ming Teck were the speakers for the first session, while Sylvie Tan and Shermaljit Singh spoke for the second session. A total of 104 students attended the event online, most of them studying a foundation in law. Afterwards, a poll was held, allowing the attendants to give their feedback on the event, the results of which were overwhelmingly positive.