BAC Puts Education Equity To The Fore

For an education system to be successful, two key factors come into playInclusiveness and Equity. As the education landscape continuously evolves, industry players need to play a conscious role in ensuring that education is made accessible to all, especially through affordability. With the realisation that more young minds need to be nurtured and shaped to meet the challenges of tomorrow, BAC Education has introduced Learn Different with its four pillars – Learn, Work, Play and Impact. In acknowledging the fact that education also links to economic success, BAC Education, through its motto ‘Transforming Lives Through Education’ has made a firm stance by running three impactful initiatives. 

Veritas Pandemic Education Fund 

With the launch of the Veritas Pandemic Education Fund, Malaysian students will now be able to pursue the Veritas Foundation in Arts for only RM5000. Upon completion of this programme, if a student decides to continue with an undergraduate course at Veritas, you will receive a RM5000 rebate to complete your degree at RM24,900 in these areas of interest – Digital Transformation, Information Technology, Psychology, Communications, Accounting & Finance or Business (Online/Conventional). 

Students will also be glad to know that you will not be bonded in any way to enjoy this low fee. 

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BAC-FMT Scholarship 

A scholarship programme worth RM2.2 million was recently launched. This collaboration between BAC Education and FMT (Free Malaysia Today) is providing opportunities for one-hundred deserving students through the BAC-FMT Scholarship, which covers specific foundation to undergraduate courses in the areas of law, business, hospitality, communications, IT, accounting, early childhood education, psychology, and finance, among others. Students who have secured scholarships will study at one of the five colleges under BAC Education – Brickfields Asia College, IACT, Reliance and Veritas University College. Applications are open to all Malaysians below 25years of age, and interested parties may apply with the actual SPM or forecast results. 

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Veritas University College ‘Pay It Forward’ Programme

Veritas University College is the world’s first ‘Pay It Forward’ universityIn line with United Nation’s sustainable development goals – quality, affordability, and flexibility, its ‘Pay It Forward’ programme enables a deserving student free education, with one paid enrolment by another.  

Targeting students from the underprivileged, special needs and refugee community, Veritas is redefining access to education. When you are a self-funded student, you are a benefactor and activator of the VUC (VERITAS University College) Pay It Forward Programme, at no cost whatsoever. In the pursuit of your education, you have afforded a deserving student the opportunity to transform his/her life through education. 

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