Getting There with ALSA: Legal Aid in Malaysia; Episode 4

BAC’s Asian Law Student Association (ALSA) got their New Year off to a great start with Episode 4 of their series “Getting There with ALSA: Legal Aid in Malaysia”. Organised by the Academic Activities Department of the association, the event took place on 16th January 2021, and was held over Zoom.


Earlier episodes of “Getting There With ALSA” focused on providing more information about legal facilities and processes available in Malaysia, with this episode being no different. Episode 4 of the series focused on legal aid in Malaysia, more specifically the status of legal aid in Malaysia, how it relates to human rights and how legal aid operates in Malaysia. This episode was split into two segments, featuring speakers; Ms. Firdaus Husni, Chief Human Rights Strategist at Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR), also a former practising lawyer, and Ms. Nyon Nyin, a strategist at the same organisation. a community blog which covers human rights issues, including Legal Aid


The first segment of the episode with Ms. Firdaus and Ms. Nyin looked at what legal aid was like in Malaysia. Ms. Firdaus provided listeners/ viewers a general overview of Malaysia’a legal aid situation, as well as information about organisations providing legal aid in Malaysia and the challenges and issues affecting the provision of legal aid. Segment two saw both speakers highlighting the various events and programs run by the MCCHR, and how participants of the event could also get involved.


Undi M’sia!, one of the MCCHR’s public dialogue platforms for youths.


This event had a grand total of 61 participants, 55 of whom participated via Zoom, with 6 more joining in via Facebook live. Participants included a mix of law students and several committee members. A feedback poll at the end of the episode showed that most of the event attendees very much enjoyed the event- with the content and engagement with the speakers being the highlights. It was also agreed that the information provided was presented in an engaging, easy to understand style and manner.

Some of the events and talks run by the MCCHR, as well as some of their avenues to developing a better understanding of Malaysia’s Legal Aid scene


While the main purpose of the event was to shed light on what legal aid was, as well as on the relevant regulatory bodies and events related to it in Malaysia, the event also proved useful in prepping students for potential career paths. By covering the above-mentioned topics, students also received the chance to develop a better understanding of the legal aid scene in Malaysia (highly useful for when they enter practice). In addition, the speakers also provided tips and insight to students as to how they could participate in pro-bono legal work which would further enhance their field knowledge.


Kudos to ALSA and well done!