Lion Dance Performed @ BAC To Celebrate Chinese New Year 2020

Talented artists performed lion dance at BAC Education to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, or the Spring Festival, the coolest Chinese festival ever. Dancers from local troupes in Kuala Lumpur performed at BAC KL Campus and BAC PJ Campus. At BAC PJ Campus, they were welcomed by Managing Director of BAC Raja Singham, while at KL Campus, they were received by CEO of BAC Murali Kandasamy.

It is believed that the said lion dance was presented to mark the Chinese New Year and usher in the year of the rat – bringing good luck, health and prosperity for all at BAC Education. Many staff members seized the opportunity to take selfies with the lions when they made their rounds, while others recorded the walkabout to remember the happy occasion.

The lion dance is usually performed as a symbolic ritual to welcome Spring and to ward off bad luck and evil spirits.

From the wide smiles and happy faces of the students and staff, it was clear to see that everyone had a great time ushering in Chinese New Year 2020!