The Entrepreneur Masterclass

The Entrepreneur Masterclass held on 17th April 2021, was a lesson in entrepreneurship organised by Project Entrepreneur. The speaker was none other than BAC Education Group’s very own Managing Director, Mr. Raja Singham. With 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and educator, Mr. Raja Singham expressed his wish to share some lessons in entrepreneurship which he (to quote him) “…learnt the hard way”, with the hope of helping the Masterclass participants in their own businesses, regardless if they were just starting up or looking for help to grow their business.


“If you’re smart, you learn from your mistakes, but if you’re really wise or really a genius, you learn from other people’s mistakes. What I’m hoping is that you can learn from my failures and my errors. Hopefully you don’t have to go through that same thing,” he remarked wryly, adding that the pain was “all part of the learning process”.


The talk, which included slides for better understanding and ease of communication, covered basic aspects of the topic, including an Introduction to Entrepreneurship. The main idea was to get participants, whether they were actual entrepreneurs, students, people who had lost their jobs, etc. to think about the aspects of Entrepreneurship as a whole. Participants were encouraged to send in questions via the chat feature.



The talk began with the concept of “What an Entrepreneur is”, with Mr. Raja Singham explaining how facing various issues and difficulties while running a business, can show you what you are truly made of, and whether or not one had what it takes to be an entrepreneur. A breakdown chart by the Harvard Business Review highlighted the 5 main things an entrepreneur should have, namely:

  • Ideas and Drive – discussing creativity, vision, ability to identify opportunities, and passion.
  • People Skills – diving into leadership, persuasion, influence and network building.
  • Work Style – looking at goal oriented, perseverance, self-challenging, experimental mindset
  • Financial Savvy – divided into the subsets of being comfortable with finance and comfortable with financial governance
  • Entrepreneurial Background – on having family members who have started businesses or having worked at a small business or start-up yourself.


Covering a total of 33 points, Mr. Raja Singham proceeded to break down the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, as well as additional factors that should be taken into consideration. Throughout the talk, he did not hesitate to share stories of his own failures and setbacks, boosting participants spirits with his wise words and stories of triumph. Not only did he share his own history, throughout the talk, Mr. Raja Singham was full of praise for those who had supported him during rough times, as well as motivation and advice for participants who had queries or needed reassurance about entering the field.


The BootCamp wrapped up at 1.00p.m., with Mr. Raja Singham providing his contact details (phone number and email address) for participants to contact him should they have any further questions, or if they needed any advice.


Participants of the Masterclass were quick to show their appreciation for his time, as evidenced by the chat box of the Zoom call. Overall, it can be said that the Entrepreneur Masterclass held on 17th April 2021 was another one of Project Entrepreneur’s success.