Valentine’s Week- Secret Valentine 3.0

Feeling blue about a ‘lockdown’ Valentine’s this year? BAC’s LEO Club has got you covered!


Valentine’s Day is generally a day for love birds (i.e. happy couples) young and old to celebrate their relationship, usually by spending time together and/or giving each other gifts. This year however, love may be in the air, but (unfortunately for us), so is Covid-19. The ongoing pandemic and the recent rise in cases has resulted in the re-enforcement of a Movement Control Order, limiting and restricting people’s movement across the country, and putting the brakes on any plans to celebrate festivals for the foreseeable future.


The LEO Club of BAC however, has a solution to your Valentine blues! Sure, you may be far apart from your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show them how much you care. The LEO Club’s ‘Doctor Cinta’ team are here to help, by prepping a whole week of Valentine’s related posts on social media to set that Valentine’s mood.


Among other plans included in their week of romance? Presents, naturally. Killing two birds with one stone, the LEO Club aims to raise funds for club activities, while cheering up those who are feeling glum at the thought of missing out on a day of romance – with Valentine’s Gift Boxes! That’s right, the Leo Club will be (and currently is) taking orders for Valentine’s Gift Boxes which contain chocolates, special gifts and letters to be delivered to that special someone. And do remember, ladies and gents, that special someone is not limited to a significant other. You could also opt to treat a close friend or family members to a pick-me up, it’ll certainly make their day!

Chocolates + Letters + Special Gift= Gift Box!


You may ask, when will these boxes be delivered? Good question, and one we have an answer to. The orders will be fulfilled over Valentine’s week, from the 14th to the 20th of February. So, to the lucky recipients, keep your eyes peeled for the postman next week!!


Aside from raising funds, the LEO Club also hopes to help students have a bit of fun, and take their mind off the MCO, while celebrating Valentine’s Day from the comfort of their own homes.


Happy Gifting folks, and stay safe!